With more small local clothing labels popping up some times it's hard to stand out against the crowd. However, Nashville-based label, Jamie + The Jones doesn't seem to be facing that problem. Working and collaborating with other local artist, the labels creators and designers, Jamie Frazier and Hannah Jones, truly know how to create one-of-a-kinda pieces. With every garment hand dyed or 'marbled' no two pieces are the same! Their newest collection, and the over all appeal of the brand itself, is the perfect blend between simple and beauty. Which is exactly what they are aiming for, "Our goal since the birth of Jamie + The Jones has always focused on the blend of quality and effortless beauty, packaged into whimsical and wearable silhouettes that can be worn on any occasion." On top of that every garment is locally manufactured, sustained, and produced in their studio on Eugenia Avenue.

Source: http://www.jamieandthejones.com