FUNKIS swedish forms

AKA the only shoe I wear as of lately... You can safely say I have formed an obsession and the result is now a small collection! In all seriousness though I am a pretty tough critic when it comes to footwear. So when I finally made the plunge to purchase a pair of Funkis Clogs online I was ecstatic that they surpassed all my expectations in comfort, durability, style, and price. Based on the Swedish word "funktionalism," Funkis refers to the early 20th century design movement that esteemed usefulness and aesthetics equally. This Australia-based, Sweden-influenced fashion and housewares company does just that, one product at a time, providing timeless, high quality goods that never sacrifice sustainability for style while still offering products that are different and exclusive. Clogs have become a classic look and a shoe that won't be going out of style any time soon however because of this popularity a lot of the more famous brand's price tags have continued to sky rocket... So if you're looking for the perfect pair without spending an excessively large chunk of change be sure to check out Funkis swedish forms! I now own three pairs; the Sky High Clogs in Nubuck Grey and Denim as well as the Lea Clog in Nude. This autumn weather has been amazing but I'm still trying to figure out how to work these babies into my winter wardrobe... 


photography by Lara Coleman