Hand thrown, and featuring the Kowtow limited edition Dots Print from The Studio Collection, each ceramic piece from the Kowtow and Houston collaboration is hand made by Holly Houston the founder of Houston Design Co. Based in Auckland, New Zealand, Holly uses traditional techniques like hand rolling and forming or made on the wheel. No cast or moulds are used therefore making each piece completely unique and one of a kind. She then finishes the pieces with a glaze that helps retain an organic character and uniqueness to them. Their collaboration is now available in the Kowtow ceramic section here and you can check out more of Holly Houston's work on her site here

Source: http://www.kowtowclothing.com

5 MINIMALIST STYLING TIPS from Emily Henderson

I am a HUGE fan of Emily Henderson, to say the least, and I love following along with her and her designs on social media! Emily is fun, bold, captivating, and has the most adorable family and home. Like most of America I become entranced after watching her on HGTV's Design Star and now she has released a new book called STYLED to obsess over! In her styling guide book she gives tips and advice for arranging the perfect, minimalist home. Here is an insert I found online containing 5 of her recommendations to help you simplify while still brightening up your abode:

   “Styling” often gets a bad rap because people think it just means adding “stuff” and if often does – the shoes by the door, the pile of magazines next to the bed, the 1/2 eaten croissant even though no one is in the photo … It can look forced, ‘try-hard’ and cluttered really easily. But styling just means giving a space a sense of a personality and sometimes that personality is still quiet and on the more minimal side. In my book, STYLED, I lay out styling tips for every style (including minimalist) and show you how even a fairly pulled back, sophisticated and uber modern home can have a huge sense of style through these 5 tips:

1. Keep the color palette very tight. Adding a lot of colors is the quickest way to make a space look busy and cluttered. Keeping it tonal (a range of colors in the same color family) and mixing with neutrals is the easiest solution to having some color without it getting crazy.

2. Bring in simple lines and shapes. Lose anything with too much ornate detailing or carvings and stick to pieces that keep the eye moving really easily. That porcelain floral figurine lamp from the 50’s should go and instead think about a larger scale pottery lamp.

3. Go for texture. Keep everything in your color palette, but having all your finishes being really smooth and slick can feel cold, so bring in linens, wools, wovens in your textiles and pottery, clay, porcelain in your accessories. Keep the color palette quiet, but the texture still needs to be there for it to look inviting and not like a showroom. Anything handmade is an extra plus.

4. For centerpieces think about smaller collections of pieces in the same family (like on the dining table). Its the same bowl in different sizes and as a collection it holds the dining room table nicely, without creating this huge tablescape that commands the whole room.

5. Bring in life through art and plants. Art is your chance to bring in more personality. Keep it simple and quiet, but make a statement to help shake up the seriousness of a more minimal home.

Find more styling tips from Emily in her new book which you can pick up here!

Photography by David Tsay.

Source: http://design-milk.com/5-minimalist-stylin...

FUNKIS swedish forms

AKA the only shoe I wear as of lately... You can safely say I have formed an obsession and the result is now a small collection! In all seriousness though I am a pretty tough critic when it comes to footwear. So when I finally made the plunge to purchase a pair of Funkis Clogs online I was ecstatic that they surpassed all my expectations in comfort, durability, style, and price. Based on the Swedish word "funktionalism," Funkis refers to the early 20th century design movement that esteemed usefulness and aesthetics equally. This Australia-based, Sweden-influenced fashion and housewares company does just that, one product at a time, providing timeless, high quality goods that never sacrifice sustainability for style while still offering products that are different and exclusive. Clogs have become a classic look and a shoe that won't be going out of style any time soon however because of this popularity a lot of the more famous brand's price tags have continued to sky rocket... So if you're looking for the perfect pair without spending an excessively large chunk of change be sure to check out Funkis swedish forms! I now own three pairs; the Sky High Clogs in Nubuck Grey and Denim as well as the Lea Clog in Nude. This autumn weather has been amazing but I'm still trying to figure out how to work these babies into my winter wardrobe... 


photography by Lara Coleman

Source: http://www.funkis.com


Handmade by artist and designer Christine Young, in Richmond, Virginia (a state very near and dear to my heart), Young Frankk delivers yet again with the debut of her fall/winter 15 collection today. I am loving every piece from the line especially the Dawn necklace and Wave cuff… MUST get my fingers on these babies!


photography William Godwin

Source: youngfrankk.com